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  • Marcel Krawczyk

    Website Development for Advertising & Marketing Agency

    "Their communication, timeliness, and expertise continues to exceed expectations! Their openness and willingness to ask questions and fully understand the scope of a project. They have demonstrated that they listen to our needs and strive to accommodate our requests in delivering the final product."
    TECH USED : Figma, PHP, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator
    Marcel Krawczyk
    Little Jack Marketing, Chicago, U.S
  • Jim Rozell

    Website Development for Data Aggregation Company

    "The process was fantastic. SR Solutions and Ruchica's team were responsive, productive, and straight to the point. Trusting, responsive and consistent. The comfort they gave us throughout the process. We never felt like we were in a panic situation. The work they did was outstanding, and they were highly responsive."
    TECH USED : PHP, WordPress, Laravel, MySQL, Adobe Illustrator.
    Jim Rozell
    CEO & Founder,
    Hotel Compete LLC, Chicago, U.S
  • Lini Reghunath

    Web Design & Dev for Digital Marketing Company

    "The client loved the fresh look and feel of the website and felt we delivered the main goal of this project, to provide a better user experience. Their strength is UI design … The team was able to deliver on the agreed deadlines."
    TECH USED : CMS: Drupal.
    Lini Reghunath
    Digital Marketing Director,
    Digital Marketing Company, Manama, Bahrain
  • Name: Confidential

    Consulting & Recruiting for Digital Media Publishing Company

    "I liked that they worked quickly. They were very consultative and really invested in our success. Digi by SR constantly sought to understand the business and always asked the right questions."
    TECH USED : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro
    Name: Confidential
    Back Office Digital Media Publishing Company, San Francisco, California, U.S
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  • Sarah Eggleston

    DigiBySR Reviews as seen on LinkedIn

    "Thank you so much for the support we have had from DigiBySR, your team provided quality code to meet the specifications, in the timeframe agreed"
    TECH USED : Ruby on Rails
    Sarah Eggleston
    Founder,, Winchester, U.K